Order human hair extensions from human hair extensions supplier in China? Three important main tips for the reference.

How to choose a really trustworthy human hair extensions supplier?

The first and hardest is to choose a really trustworthy human hair extensions supplier from hundreds of suppliers. You will definitely get dozens of pricelists, which even vary considerably. The best is to choose the prices in the middle range, and also take into account of the sales person with really professional commercial correspondence. Before finalizing which supplier to choose, it is very necessary to see and test the samples, because the price can not live without quality. It is a disaster if you choose the best price but trash quality.

Inside information about hair grade

Focus on the product of hair extensions, the first and most complicated is to clarify which grade of hair you need. As you maybe there are several grades of hair, which is to be made into hair extensions. They are the highest grade of virgin hair, somebody call it cuticle hair, the second highest is Remy hair, and the third grade is non-Remy hair. It seems very simple and easy to figure out, but there indeed has some inside information, which is not familiar with clients. Technically, virgin hair can not be acid treated at all, but it’s actually acid treated slightly, because sometimes one individual hair upside down is mixed into bulk raw hair material, at this situation, it is practical to pick this individual hair out, but it definitely brings tangling to one piece of hair extensions, so the factory has to slightly acid treat this bulk raw hair. Anyway, it is not damaging the hair, and its life time either. For Remy hair, it differs more, because some suppliers even name upside down hair Remy hair, but actually Remy hair means all hair going in the same direction. Therefore, you need to get it clear the Remy hair you will receive is upside down or same direction.

remy hair & non-remy hair

Thickness of hair bottom is much closely related with the price.

Another important thing, and it is the thickness of hair bottom/end/tips. Sometimes clients  judge the price is expensive or okay as soon the pricelist is received, in fact, the price is much closely related with the thickness of hair bottom. As we all know that long hair is more expensive than shorter hair, so if more long hair is used, the price is surely higher. At the same thinking, the price is very competitive, maybe the hair bottom is also very thin, this is why we suggest to finalize which supplier to choose after checking the samples.
It is a little bit hard to clarify what thickness you need, especially by words, so it is better to talk about it with pictures at the beginning, and then finally confirm it with actual samples.

human hair extensions supplier

Anyway, there are so many things to pay attention when order from human hair extensions supplier in China or India. What can be done is try to make every step on control, and then the thing moves as well as you wish.