Your payment is always safte with us!

As a supplier with 15 years experience up to 2014, come straight to the point, we know the main worry for importers to purchase products from China is the payment safety.

Our 1st suggestion is to start with a fairly small order so you are not standing to lose much money if something falls apart. And then, after the trust is established, gradually build up your order over time.

As a supplement, our 2nd suggestion is to pay your first small order by Paypal. If something goes wrong, or fraud occurs, you can usually get your money back.
These are suggestions by standing clients’ ground.

Through the cooperation of orders, clients will know we are genuine, hard working people who want to establish a long-term relationship with you. We need your long-term business to run our enterprise, so there is no reason to trick.

For the formal orders with big amount after the trust is established, the preferred payment term is bank wire transfer (T/T), because China government has foreign exchange control on Chinese enterprises, and this is also the formal way for international trade.