The truth under cover about hair origin and hair grade

Maybe you are new in working with China market, or maybe you have been worked with Chinese suppliers for years, as one sales person in China hair field for 10 years, i’d like to share some information about hair origin and hair grade.
These are two things we always talked about, but it is never talked deeply, or something is never exposed to the sun.

Hair Origin

When you search hair extensions in some search engines or some marketplace websites, Brazilian hair is everywhere, and even Brazilian virgin hair. Put virgin or not aside, is it real Brazilian hair? Do you really think so many Brazilian women would like to cut and sell their own beautiful hair? According to the New York Times, Brazil ranks the second in the world behind the United States for the number of plastic surgeries performed. It is obvious Brazilian women love their hair as same as US and European women. It is impossible to find so many Brazilian women getting all their own hair cut off to sell it, so where does such huge quantity of Brazilian hair come in China market? Nowhere!

For Indian hair, it is real Indian hair, but in China market Indian Remy hair is rare. As we all know Indian Remy hair only comes from templates, and the templates can not sell hair public, so it is not easy to get real Indian Remy hair.
Further, Indian hair is not available to dye to blonde colors because of the nature of Indian hair.

Hair Grade

In China market, you will find most suppliers declare their hair is grade AAAAA, it is obvious how they wish they could add hundreds of A after grade. In fact, there is no rule or standard to judge the hair grade, because there is no such functional organization or institution in hair field. For example, for the same Remy hair, this company calls it grade A, but maybe that supplier calls it grade AA, and even, another supplier calls non-Remy hair grade AAA, so we can see it is not in the same channel. Do not judge the hair quality or grade by how many A it has, because anybody call add numerous A at their own options.
To take off its cover, in fact, the hair can be simply graded by three, the best is virgin hair with intact cuticles, and the second best is Remy hair, this Remy hair is not virgin, but the hairs are still going same direction, and the cheapest is non-Remy hair. Now it is easy of virgin hair, Remy hair, non-Remy hair.
To clarify something about the names, some people think Remy hair is cuticle hair, it was correct long long time ago, but now the raw hair material situation differs. For the top grade of hair Remy or virgin hair, there indeed is difference inside, some raw hair is 100% pure Remy with all hair in the same direction, but some raw hair is unfortunately mixed with few hair upside down, so how to do about this hair? This hair can only be slightly acid treated to get rid of the cuticles of upside down hair, otherwise the hair will get tangled. Although this hair is acid treated, but it is still very good quality, so this hair becomes to be called Remy hair. This is why to separate Remy hair from virgin hair.